Before and After Pics of 5 mo. Statin use (Crestor)

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Before and After Pics of 5 mo. Statin use (Crestor)

Postby Chantelle » Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:19 pm

Inserted are a few pictures. The vegetable picture is a picture of me the summer before I started on Crestor.

The other photo in which I had mass muscle damage was taken approximately 2 years after I took myself off Crestor due to mass muscle deterioration, and I weighed in at approximately 99 lbs. and aged physically by 15 years.
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Re: Before and After Pics of 5 mo. Statin use (Crestor)

Postby xrn » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:46 am

Hello Chantelle.
Welcome to

I am sorry to learn that you were prescribed a statin. There is no scientific literature that supports the use of statins in women because they have never been shown to demonstrate any improvement in the outcomes for females.

The images supplied make it clear that you have been affected by your statin medication and I am pleased to learn that you do not take it any longer. If you look around this site you will find many answers to your questions. If you are too fatigued to look, don't concern yourself too much, just ask the questions you need the answers too.

I recommend you download and read a report which I had published recently; in the Journal of Independent Medical Research. After you have read it, please feel free to make a copy (it is a PDF file) and give it to your treating medical practitioner(s). My hope is that it will make them think and never prescribe statins again.

To read the document, copy the URL below but remove the asterisk from in front of the address. This site inserts an asterisk in front of all web addresses to defeat web spiders and spam senders.


I have sent copies to the chief public health officers in Canada and I hope to provoke a public debate.

Kind regards,
Jeff (aka xrn)
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