What to ask the doctor?

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What to ask the doctor?

Postby SnoGurl » Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:58 am

First, I'm glad I found this site... past posts have given me a lot of insight.

Let me tell you a story, then get to my main question. My dad has been on Crestor for a few years now. Never had any obvious problems, until the family nurse practitionor bumped his dose from 10mg to 20mg. Since last summer he'd been having unexplained muscle weakness, tenderness, swelling... he's a long hall truck driver, and went to pick up his duffle bag before leaving one evening, as he picked it up, his muscles suddenly tensed, and he dropped the bag. A few minutes later there was a huge rased bump on the inside of his arm right before his elbow.

I started working as a pharmacy tech last August, and after a few weeks began to get suspicious of Crestor as the cause of my dad's problems, and mentioned it to him many times. He brushed me off for a little bit, until the pain got too much to bare. He discussed it with his General Internalist (we live in hickville, no Cardiologists around here), who said he didn't understand why the NP had upped his dose anyway, but didn't do anything about it. He saw the Doctor the following week for some tests, and pressed the issue again at my insistance. The doctor told him to stop taking it for 14 days, then go back on the 10mg, that it would take 7 days to get out of his system, and another 7 days just to be safe. This was in Februray, and dad actually stayed off it for a month-- the symptoms subsided a tiny bit, but nothing like he was hoping.

So, following the doctors orders he went back on the 10mg. More of the same. Before, always an early riser, now he can't make himself get out of bed before 11am... yesterday he was awake at 6, but laid there until 11, when he could finally find the strength to get out of bed. Anyway, in May he had a drs appt with his GI. Mentioned that his symptoms were still horrible, and the GI's response was "Well, have you ever tried 5?". Realizing he wasn't going to get anywhere, dad let it slide.

So, three weeks ago yesterday, dad realized that he couldn't go any longer, and asked to be taken to Emerge. So, we took him there, and they got him right in. Lucky for us, the doctor dad got doubles as the Chief of Staff. Dad told him everything that was going on, the dr. asked questions, and when dad said "I think this is the Crestor", the dr's response was "I believe you, but lets run some tests so everyone else will too". So, the dr. did bloodwork to check rule out arthritis, etc., all of which came back normal. So, the Dr. wrote in big letters on his file "NO MORE STATINS", and sent it to both his GI, and our new family doctor.

That family doctor called the next day (the monday) to make an appointment for dad to come in and see him. It's been three weeks, and we have yet to hear from the GI.

Yesterday, I worked with a pharmacist who used to be a research pharmacist... he owned his own business with two doctors. By complete coincidence, one of the trials he did with this partners was on... Crestor. I talked to him about what was going on, and he confirmed that we were infact not crazy, and gave me more to think about. He wants to see all of my dad's blood work, and if we don't get anywhere with the family doc. on Friday, then he has a cardiologist and a nephrologist lined up to see dad.

But, first I want to give the new family doc the benefit of the doubt. We just acquired him in Februrary, and dad's only seen him once for a medication renewal. What I need to know is what questions I absoloutly must ask. I know Rhabdomyolysis can lead to renal failure, so asking about kidney functions is definitly on the list, as is current liver function. My dad had a triple bypass in Feb '08 at the age of 50, and it was declared a 'success', but no one could ever pinpoint the cause of his arrythmia & his heart beat spikes... imagine my surprise when I learn that is a side effect of the Crestor. So, if you managed to get this far, what do we absoloutly have to ask the doctor about on Friday?
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Postby cjbrooksjc » Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:31 am

Snogurl: Frankly, I don't know what to tell you to ask your phys. I've been tested to death and they still can't find anything causative. Statins damage your cell's mitochondria by depleting CoQ10 and a rift of other essential enzymes by girding the production of the mevalonate enzyme pathway. At the very least I would get him on 600 to 900 Mg of a high quality CoQ10 daily and at least a gram of Acetyl L carnitine daily as well as high doses of vit B6, B12, and Folic Acid, Vit D and magnesium. This stuff depleted my magnesium levels drastically, and Crestor is the STRONGEST of all the statins. I guess what I would ask him is "are you aware of the damage statins are doing to our population?" and see what he says. If he doesn't know, be prepared to teach him, or find another Dr.

Here are two sites I use to get the supplements:

**http://www.epic4health.com/ For CoQ10 (Kaneka Ubiquinol is the best bio-availability)

**http://www.gonsi.com/search.cfm For ALC (the first combo on the list @29.99 is what I use)

The rest You can get here:


Welcome to the forum. Your Dad's lucky to have you in his corner!


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Postby SnoGurl » Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:45 am

I've had him taking CoQ10 for quite a while now, on the suggest of a few nursing friends, however, we're Canadian, so no Acetyl L carnitine, as I don't believe it's available here. I suppose we could smuggle it across the boarder ;), but we'll have to see.

The pharmacist (and many websites), seem to be concerned about Renal Failure, yet I haven't seen anyone mention it?
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Postby David Staup » Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:53 pm

the renal failure can come from the rhabdomyolysis...if he has dark foamy urine and/ or kidney pains then its likely.... if so the treatment is simple fluid therapy with lots of electrolytes... I diagnosed this myself and started drinking lots of gatorade and or pedialite and ate 2 bananas per day.. within 3 days I saw emense improvement after one episode of milky white urine (weird)
I now continue to drink mostly a homemade electrolyte drink (there are many on the web) and only rarely have kidney pains or very dark urine.
I believe the muscle breakdown products build up more or less slowly in the kidney unless you provide the elecrtolytes for transport...of course I severly limit my physical activity so as to minimize the rate of muscle breakdown...hope this helps

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Postby David Staup » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:05 pm

also if it hasn't been checked yet have them check vit D level....

most likely the most valuable tests are for mitochondrial desease but there are very few doctors that are aware of this and fewer still who will order the tests. check here:

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Postby uncle2blade » Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:31 pm

SnoGurl, Welcome to our forum,

You mentioned your in Canada, and may not be able to get L-Carnitine. Ask your fathers Dr. for a prescription for it I think it is available by prescription in Canada.

I was on Crestor for ten years. The side effects came on so gradual that I didn't start noticing them for years, then It took me a couple of years to figure out what was going on. By the time I stopped taking them I was totally incapacitated. I had trouble getting out of bed, walking, standing, and total fatigued all over.

After finding this sight and doing the things I learned here I started my recovery. After 2 1/2 years I can work again, play with my grad kids, and exercise. I'm not completely recovered ,but if I never recover more than I have, I'll be eternally grateful for the recovery I've had.

I have learned that statins robed me of nutreants, vitamins and minerals. also messed up my hormons. Ask the
Dr. to do blood work and find out what of these necessary nutrients need replacing.

Best to you and your Dad. Let us know how things go. Craig
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