Palpitations, chest muscle pain and Crestor--

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Palpitations, chest muscle pain and Crestor--

Postby Bianca » Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:49 pm

I was put back on statins after elevated levels of cholestrol and a 30% narrowed carotid artery. I am 47, BP 120/80 and exercise 5X per week cardio and 2x weights and then supplement with yoga. 3 years ago I was on Lipitor and then Zocor--both times I suffered from magnified panic attacks. When I stopped taking them everything went away. 5 months ago I was put on Crestor 5mg every other day and then the other days Niacin 500mg. Since I started, I have been having horrible night attacks. I wake up around 2am with a racing heart fluctuating from 140 to 180--then I feel like someone is reaching into the left side of my chest and ripping out my heart and my surrounding muscle--20 minutes later my body temperature drops and I start shaking like I have Parkinsons Disease and then my heart goes back to normal after 40 min. 10 min later it starts up in a milder form for 10 min. I have talked to my internist and cardiologist who both think it is anxiety. I don't think so as I didn't have the attacks when off the statins and even if I take Xanax it doesn't help. Please tell me if anyone has these symptoms so I can prove them wrong. I am scared to death.
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Postby Allen1 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:55 am

Hi there Bianca,

as you have found out already statins can also cause panic attacks as well as so many other problems. 10 years of zocor had me physically and mentally one heck of a mess, and palpitation and basically what you have described was not uncommon although some nights were not that bad. I have been off statins for around 2 years but it is in the last few weeks/months since this has almost ceased and my heart has settled down to normal apart from the odd blip.

What you are experiencing is not uncommon and although it is a physical problem, it can also be triggered by stress and anxiety etc, there are many here who have also experienced the horror for themselves and eventually realised what was the cause of it, the best of it is that a lot of folk like myself had heart problems to start with and this stuff made us a heck of a lot worse!

You will need to get some magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and D plus some Co-Enzyme Q10 capsules and possibly some L-Carnitine to help restore your bodies balance. Realistically you should see about coming off the statins as that is literally your poison, that decision has to be your own though and maybe you should ask/tell your cardiologist to keep him updated and be on his good side etc.

From experience I found that sometimes trapped wind seemed to add more pressure to the left side of the heart and exasperate the problem, by burping and releasing the trapped air it sometimes eased up a bit, that only worked sometimes but it is still worth trying. I also found listening to a radio etc took my mind off the sensations and let things ease off a bit quicker.

I know the experience is frightening and sometimes you wonder if you will make it through the night, some nights I would have a few whiskeys to break the cycle and get a good nights sleep (apart from getting up for the loo), it worked but not recommended too often Hic :shock:

Take care and look around for more info on the vitamins and magnesium etc, you could also ask your cardiologist for more advice on what may help (apart from statins!)

All the best,

Allen. :)
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Postby harley2ride » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:35 pm

I'm not a doctor, and won't suggest what YOU should do, but if it were me, I would stop taking the meds... There are natural ways to control your cholesterol which are much safer.

My cholesterol is much much better, by controlling my diet, eating more fish and chicken, taking 2000mg a day of fish oil, 1000mg a day of flax seed, 1 baby asprin a day, l-carnatine, and coq10..
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Postby uncle2blade » Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:42 am

Bianca, Taking Niacin Is a big no no when taking statins. Although I would never take a statin again after I sufferd just like you. Please read as much as you can on this sight and others, Then you can make your own opinion on the Statin dangers.

Best to you, Craig
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Palpitations, chest muscle pain and Crestor--

Postby Bianca » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:02 am

Thanks to all of you for replying to this. It makes me so nervous. I am going back to my cardiologist tomorrow as I am scared to even go to sleep at night as I never know when I am going to get an attack. I also feel like my muscles are so much weaker and then when I work out it exacerbates the reaction. My doctor has spoken with me in the past and just says that he has never heard of these symptoms and to keep taking the drug. We will see what tomorrow brings when I go in person. 8)
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The latest

Postby Bianca » Thu Feb 26, 2009 2:21 am

Monday my doc took me off the drug but my muscles are still in pain. I worked out today with weights and my punishment was a severe attack at 1 am in my sleep. Symptoms were as follows

1am to 144am
Woke with racing heart and pressure and sque squeezing of chest
last crestor Monday
stopping for two weeks to see improvement
worked out with weights today
burning and sensitive to touch muscles all day--not standard workout pain--same uneasy myalgic sensation with more burning
Bed at 11:30
Sleep 12 .75mg xanax
Woke 1 am
1:15 first .5 xanax no help
1:25 2nd .25 xanax
parkinsons like shakes
chills throughout
chest heavy
140 starting to subside

I read somewhere where a work out can exacerbate an attack get the muscles crazy--has anyone experienced this. I am being tested oof the pills for the next 3 weeks and if I get better they will put me back on them to see if I get anymore attacks--this has happeded to me on lipitor and zocor and not zetia-when will they believe it is the statin without putting me thru this hell.
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Postby uncle2blade » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:20 am

Bianca, Please read the experiences others have had when coming of of Statin drugs. You are not unique in your experience. Your muscles and tendons have to repair themselves before you can exercise them. I've been off statins over two years and am just starting to get physical exercise without pain, and fatigue afterwards. I can't do the things I use to do. I will probably always have to take the supplements regime I'm on.

This Forum has been invaluable to me with out it I don't think I would have recovered to the point I have to date.

Best to you, and your in my prayers along with all on this Forum,
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