Help with 73 yr. old and Crestor -- Here we go AGAIN!

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Help with 73 yr. old and Crestor -- Here we go AGAIN!

Postby DEgirl » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:35 pm

Hi all,

I need some more HELP from you!!! I had a nightmare with my husband and vytorin about a year ago (see previous posts). ---- Now it's my 73 year old father and a HEAVY dose (2 x daily) of Crestor 20mg. Dad resently within the last 2 weeks suffered a heart attack and had stint placement in the RCA (Right Corinary Artery) of his heart. Dad was on Lipitor before his heart attack. Not sure for how long.

When dad came home from the Hospital last week --- The Hospitals attending Cardiologist placed him on "Plavix" (ONE TIME) a day, the blood pressure medication "Captiopril" (THREE TIMES a day), "Lopressor" (TWO TIMES a day), (ONE) "baby aspirin", and (TWO) "Crestor" 20mg each a day or,... 40 mg at night before bed. In addition to a oral Multi-Vitamin and oral diabetes medication.

That just seems to me to be way too much of something! ------ My dad is a small man, rail thin, with very poorly controlled diabetes ( HIS choice apparently to be "uneducated about it"!! ) and now FAILING KIDNEYS due to that. To me, this double dose of medication, especially the Lisinopril 3 times a day just seems WAY TO MUCH at one time for him!!! Although it is early in the game yet, dad has not had any problems yet other than complaining he feels REALLY WEAK. I know he has to heal from the events of last week and the stint. But --- What should I do about the double dose of CRESTOR 40 mg they have him on? (I am a nurse and thought Crestor didn't even come any higher than 20 mg until they gave it to dad).

For the record... I may be a healthcare worker but, I totally HATE THE USE ALL STATIN DRUGS DUE TO THE PROBLEMS THEY CONTRIBUTE TO!!!! What should I do?? Dad is now back in the care of a Veterans VA Hospital instead of the Cardiologist that did the Heart Stint at another Hospital. This is because my dad was Med-Flighted out of the area from the VA Hospital the morning he had the heart attack. It just does NOT seem that the two Hospitals are even on the same page with him!!!
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Postby adec » Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:13 am

Degirl, I remember your original messages, and sympathize with your latest plight. You see, medical science (in the form of prescription Lipitor) too almost took my parents' life. Though my mom wasn't nearly as deeply entwined in the medical system. Pulling your dad away might be somewhat more of a Herculean task -- just with the contraindications of drugs and medical devices alone. Yet, I believe it's never too late to take preemptive action.

My advice would be a) firmly establish your rights b) take immediate control c) exhume your dad from the clutches of medical science and to a qualified naturopath for testing. I would hope this natural doctor would then try to incorporate the following list of supplements: vitamin D3 [gelcaps, 2000-6000iu,] vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 or MK-7, magnesium citrate or orotate, hyaluronic acid, nattokinase/nattozimes and/or serrapeptase/serrazimes, grape seed extract, resveratrol, DHA or Omega-3 fish oil and obviously: vitamin C, mixed vitamin B, CoQ10, carnitine, creatine. This would be in an effort to carefully wean your dad from those most harmful pharmaceuticals.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 would help to reduce arterial calcification, also to keep calcium out of the arteries and contained in the bones where it belongs, increase immunity and other benefits. Nattozimes and serrazimes would help to dissolve blood clots and greatly decrease arterial inflammation. Magnesium would better regulate heart muscle function. Omega-3 or especially DHA would inhibit atherosclerosis and decrease blood viscosity. Grape seed extract is likely a more safe and effective way to inhibit platelet clotting, than even aspirin. Resveratrol alone will help to better regulate blood sugar, and reduce any insulin requirement... in some cases by more than half. This is just partial list of elemental supplements that gave my mom back physical/mental/emotional health after an arduous two years.

Of course if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Good luck, and keep us abreast.
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Postby DEgirl » Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:08 pm

adec: Thank you very much for your advice about dad. I am certainly willing to try my best and look for a qualified naturopath doctor. Problem is the area where we live now. I am in the south east instead of the north east now. Natural medicine is pretty few and far between in this area. Unlike the areas of the north eastern states where I am from. I am willing to travel if necessary but, I don't know about dad. I'm going to take your advise though and investigate these options more closely. Thank you for your help!
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